Research Group

I offer a range of projects for students involving the late stages of binary stellar evolution with a focus on planetary nebulae and other post-AGB binary stars in a friendly and supportive environment.

Please feel free to email or come and talk to me at SAAO about potential projects at Honours, Masters or PhD level through NASSP at UCT. It’s possible to tailor projects to suit individual students strengths and interests.

Current group members

  • Dr Rajeev Manick, Claude Leon Fellow.
  • Ms Kelebogile Bonokwane, NASSP MSc student.

Former students

  •  Ms Kelebogile Bonokwane, NASSP Honours, 2018.
  •  Mr Michael Hlabathe, NASSP MSc, graduated June 2016. Now PhD student at SAAO.
  •  Mr Rajeev Manick, NASSP MSc, graduated June 2014.
  •  Mr Michael Hlabathe, NASSP Honours, graduated October 2013.