Research Interests

Date of PhD graduation: 2010

Planetary Nebulae (PNe)

  • Surveys for new binary central stars
    • Post-common-envelope systems (orbital periods of a few days or less)
    • Long orbital period binaries (orbital periods of months to years) with SALT HRS
    • Barium central stars
    • Connection with Type Ia supernovae
  • Nebular morphology and binarity
    • Bipolar or butterfly PNe
    • Low-ionisation structures
    • Jets or collimated fast outflows
  • Wolf-Rayet central stars
    • Surveys for [WN]-types, of which IC4663 is the first proven published example
    • Close binary central stars
  • Spectroscopic classification and characterisation of central stars
  • Chemical abundances of PNe
  • Dust obscuration events (similar to those seen in R Coronae Borealis stars)
  • Peculiar PNe with high density cores

Computer science

  • Simulated annealing and optimisation of multi-object spectroscopy (MOS) observations
  • Scheduling software and algorithms for queue-based telescopes
  • Astronomical software scripting and ds9 plugins
  • Data mining of large datasets
  • Reduction of longslit and MOS observations

Symbiotic stars

  • Surveys for new Galactic and Magellanic symbiotic stars
  • Chemical peculiarities of red giant components
  • Long term variability
  • Overlap with PNe